Why New Projects ?   Many More Initiatives on New Projects

“Tapovan Kovai Retirement Homes Pvt Ltd”, have more than 300 Enquiries with us, we are not able to accommodate these enquiries. many of them are very frequently ringing & encouraging us by asking “ When are you starting your next project” .

Now, we have not only found three beautiful locations, they have amazing advantages for the  citizens’ who seek retirement with peaceful living.

We have set the process as follows at each locations :-

  1. Enrolling First 55+ Residents purely on the basis first-cum-first-served at Saravanampatty location Tapovan Kovai’s TEJOMAYAM.
  2. One Stroke Land Registration for all 55+ Buyers at at Saravanampatty location Tapovan Kovai’s TEJOMAYAM.
  3. Project Commencement Date and Possession Date for all 55+ Residents are conveniently planned atat Saravanampatty location Tapovan Kovai’s TEJOMAYAM as One-Go, not in bits and pieces.

Hence, download your Enrollment Form in word document file : Enrollment Form.doc.  You can fill word file and send by email attachment. Alternatively you can take print-out & fill and send by courier / or scan it and send by email.   All as per your individual convenience.

Who can buy?

  1. Senior citizens can buy for their own living and leave the properties for their next generation.
  2. Today, in the world of rat-race, the requirement of retirement is not governed by actual age; it is how tired you are.
  3. The youth can buy with housing loans for their parents.
  4. The youth can buy with housing loans for their own retirements till then they can rent out to senior citizens through our company.
  5. The youth can buy with housing loans and start living in the senior citizens’ complex as great support to neighbourhood senior citizens’.