Third Party Services  at competitive market prices,  shall be arranged by the management company “TAPOVAN KOVAI RETIREMENT HOMES PVT LTD” with majority of  ‘TEJOMAYAM  OWNERS ASSOCIATION” as per the provisions and clauses of Bye-laws of Association”. 

Colony Maintenance

  1. Infrastructure,
  2. Safety & Security
  3. Water Management
  4. Garbage Management
  5. Routine care of the colony.
  6. Periodical Misc. Repairs


  1. Cleaning the House Daily Basis
  2. Sweeping the floors
  3. Moping the floors 
  4. Toilet Cleaning 


  1. This is managed by Third Party “Tapovan Kovai Retirement Homes Pvt Ltd”.
  2. If the residents are not satisfied , they can take over and run after 2 years from the time of handing over the colony houses to buyers.

Specific Maintenance

  1. Any specific requirements of residents
  2. Labourers such as Plumbers, Electricians